Horse Rugs

There are many different types and styles of horse rugs. These include turnout, stable and fly rugs, plus summer sheets, exercise sheets, coolers and fleeces. Features include leg straps, filet strings, and clips or buckles on the chest. Some horse rugs have shoulder gussets which allow for more movement. These are popular on larger horses and most have a tail flap. They come in combos with an attached neck, and standard neck with or without the option to attach a separate neck. Things to consider when buying a horse rugs are whether the horse been measured properly (see our size and measuring guides) and whether it would benefit from a neck cover. There are also considerations to the outside denier which determines the outer strength of the rug, and the inner fill which ranges from no fill and lightweight 100g fills up to 550g. Sizes range from 2’9” up to 7’3”.

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