Show Products…an essential guide

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Whatever discipline you compete in, a good supply of show products are essentials.  Here are our top recommendations and tips to ensure your horse is groomed to perfection this summer.


Whitening powder and stain remover sprays – These are fantastic show products for covering stains, blemishes and scars.  They are also fabulous on those dreaded yellow stains your horse manages to ingrain in their coat before a show.  There are a wide range of show products for whitening including chalk blocks and powder.

Shampoo – An essential for all horses in summer, but with many on the market it can be a headache to choose which. Our best sellers include the ‘Wahl Showman’ range with a fantastic selection at great prices.  Wahl Dirty Beasty  is made from only natural ingredients but still powers through thick, matted coats (and smells lovely) and the Wahl Diamond White Shampoo which cleanses and enhances for a brighter white dazzling coat.

Coat conditioners/ detanglers – Fantastic for minimising time and effort when grooming, as well as minimising hair loss with constant brushing. Carr & Day Martin’s Canter Mane and Tail Conditioner is a popular favourite all year round and a reasonable priced option.  Supreme Products, Groom Away and Barrier ranges all have fantastic show products.  While Carr & Day & Martin’s Dreamcoat is great for the extra special show ring occasions, this show product gives a fantastic coat shine without a greasy finish.

Grooming –Soft brushes such as those made from goat hair are great for finishing, giving your horses’ coat that last minute gleam.  Slicker brushes are useful for quarter markings and closely bristled body brushes for applying sharks teeth to make your horse stand out. Sponges and stable rubbers are also an essential part of your kit.

Hoof Care – There are a range of oils, dressings, varnishes and glosses designed to assist growth, care for brittle, dry or damaged hooves as well as products to enhance the hooves allowing them to sparkle in the ring in both clear and dark options.  We find the Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine Tea-tree hoof oil, whist providing anti bacterial properties for hooves, also gives an amazing show ring shine.

Mane and Tail – Mane and tails can always be pulled by hand , for pink lovers there is the lincoln pulling comb  but now with a wide range of thinners and pulling combs available,  these tasks are now both easier for you and more humane for your horse.  Brands such as the ”Solo’ and ‘Smart’ range, have a good choice of products for these jobs.

Plaiting bands and thread are of course another necessity for smart turnout. Both come in an array of colours and those made from silicone are increasingly popular due to their extra strength.

Tail bandages, covers, body wraps, summer sheets, hoods and leg bandages are all also beneficial for keeping your horse clean prior to events to reduce your grooming time, allowing more time for riding!

Show baskets are normally made from wicker and can be used to keep all your essentials together for last minute preparation.

Preparation is key to good turnout and regular grooming will keep your horse’s coat in tip top condition, making it quicker and easier to prepare for a show.