Spring Grooming, Coat shedding, manes and tails!

Spring grooming, Coat shedding, manes and tails!

By now the winter coat should be well on its way out and a lovely healthy summer coat coming through.  There are many grooming items that can help with the malting process including rubber curry combs which also give massage therapy to your horse’s muscle tone and the shedding blade which is very popular as this helps remove the hair effectively in large quantities.  Your horse is quite likely to thoroughly enjoy being groomed at this time of year and it will leave them feeling great.

Moving onto manes and tails, manes at this time of year may also look like they need some good brushing and attention. Using a mane and tail product, such as Carr,Day&Martin Canter Mane and Tail, Equine America Magic Sheen detangler or many of the other similar products on the market will certainly help your horses mane and tail become tangle free, shiny and looking luscious!

Mane and tail pulling may well be on your agenda for this time of year, there is the old faithful pulling comb (and don’t forget to stock up on plasters if your fingers suffer when using this method) but other popular products include thinning blades, The Solo Comb and Smart grooming products which will all help with the job making a neat and tidy mane, ready for plaiting if required.

Happy Grooming!